Commonsense Principles to Create Jobs

The U.S. has been built on the ingenuity and drive of immigrants – but right now, our broken immigration system and broken border are stalling job creation, hurting families, and hindering America’s competitiveness in the global economy. Congress must act to reform the legal immigration system to help small businesses continue to create and fill good jobs, and strengthen communities and American families.

We believe the global economy is changing and America must make significant changes to keep up. We are working to encourage Congress to focus on policies that maximize the potential of our country’s workforce to contribute to the knowledge economy. Core to this agenda are the following policies:

  • Comprehensive immigration reform that allows for the hiring of the best and brightest.

  • Education reforms that produce more graduates in the science, technology and math fields and ensure all children receive a high quality education from effective teachers and accountable schools.

  • Support for scientific research, which seeds the future innovation of our knowledge economy, and breakthrough developments. Ensuring everyone has access to the knowledge and technology available on the Internet.